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HCJ 1951/99 - Ramadan et al. v. the Minister of Defense et al. Affidavit in Response
Court Documents | 1951/99 | 28.9.1999
Affidavit by Major General Dan Halutz, supplement to the State's response to a Habeas Corpus petition by HaMoked and ACRI for the release of four detainees from Al Khiam Prison. Halutz attempts to substantiate the State's claim that Israel has no effective control in South Lebanon, but his affidavit contains additional facts which support the organizations' claim about Israel's presence and effective control in South Lebanon: Israel gives millions of US dollars in civilian and military aid to the population and the SLA yearly; the SLA has released detainees from Al Khiam at Israel's request; the ISA actively participates in interrogations in Al Khiam; warders and interrogators there receive their salaries directly from Israel; and so on.
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