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Following HaMoked's application: an elderly stroke survivor will be able to meet her son, imprisoned inside Israel, in the framework of an "open visit" with no partition. Her husband, the prisoner's father, will have to make do with a regular visit

Under the prisons ordinance relating to security prisoners, a reinforced glass partition separates security prisoners from their visitors. Only children age 8 or under who are visiting an incarcerated parent may have physical contact and direct face-to-face interaction with the inmate. A visit with no partition is called an "open visit" and is granted to security prisoners in exceptional cases only.

On October 25, 2012, HaMoked wrote to the Israel Prison Service (IPS) requesting that an elderly couple from Qalqiliya be allowed to meet with their son in the Gilboa Prison in the framework of an "open visit", because of their declining health – the mother, born 1937, survived a stroke in 2008 which left her with impaired speech and paralysis of all four limbs; the father, born 1934, suffers from frail health and limited mobility. Despite having received permits, because of their failing health, the couple seldom visited their son in prison in recent years.

In the letter, HaMoked asserted that the physical conditions in which regular visits are conducted, sitting on opposite sides of a glass partition, would prevent the mother from having any interaction with her son during the visit, and would be problematic for the father as well. HaMoked added that while the father seems to be in better health, it would be reasonable to allow the couple to visit their son together in the same manner.

In response, the IPS notified that the Gilboa prison commander had decided, this once, to allow the mother only to have an "open visit". (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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