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Entry into Gaza from Israel and Jerusalem

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Entry to Gaza to visit an invalid mother: the case of ZM
3 documents | last update 7.6.2010
ZM and her daughter, JM, are residents of East Jerusalem. ZM is blind from birth, and so needs her daughter constantly at her side. In fact, she never leaves home alone. Their family is poor and struggling–JM's husband earns low wages, working as a construction laborer, and is hardly ever at home. ZM's own mother is a 68 year old widow who lives alone in the Gaza Strip. In January 2010, after Z...
Entry of Israelis into the Gaza Strip during the holidays: HCJ 7235/09
3 documents | last update 16.9.2009
Until July 2007, the military allowed Israeli residents and citizens to enter the Gaza Strip to visit their relatives on religious holidays. Once Hamas seized control of security apparatuses in Gaza, Israel stopped this practice. The sweeping cessation of visits caused thousands to be almost completely cut off from their relatives, except in cases of exceptional humanitarian need, such as the d...
Passage of B’Tselem field researchers between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank
4 documents | last update 15.7.2009
Since the end of September 2000, and against the backdrop of the second intifada, Israel has been blocking almost completely the possibility of entering the Gaza Strip and exiting from it to Israel and the West Bank. As a result, the field researchers of B’Tselem: The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories were unable to enter Gaza to monitor human rights violat...
Breakdown of a divided family following a ban on entry to Gaza: the case of NA
3 documents | last update 24.11.2008
In 1999, NA, an Israeli citizen from Qalansuwa, married a Palestinian resident of Gaza. The couple lived together in Qalansuwa until 2004, when the husband moved back to Gaza. NA visited him frequently using permits she received under the "divided families" procedure. Then, for a period of six months, medical problems prevented NA from traveling to Gaza. In February 2008, she applied via HaMoke...
Family’s entry to the Gaza Strip denied due to “security reasons”: the case of FA
2 documents | last update 4.5.2008
FA and her family are residents of East Jerusalem. Until mid-2005, the family had entered Gaza relatively regularly to visit FA’s ill and elderly mother. In early January 2006, the family applied to the Israelis desk at the Gaza District Coordination Office (DCO) for permits to enter Gaza. After the application was approved, the family sought to go on another visit, but a police officer at Erez...
Two "divided families" torn apart: the case of the AM family
4 documents | last update 12.3.2008
HA is an Israeli resident who lives in the Israeli town of Rehovot and is married to a Rafah Palestinian. The couple lived together in Gaza from September 2005 until May 2006. Thereupon HA returned to live and work in Israel to provide for the family. His wife and young child remained in Gaza, and each month HA visited them, until January 2007. Since then, all his requests to enter Gaza have be...
Visits by Israelis to the Gaza Strip: the case of GA
2 documents | last update 27.8.2004
As part of its efforts to isolate the Gaza Strip, Israel adopted a policy of restricting the freedom of movement between Israel and the Gaza Strip. The policy was toughened with the outbreak of the second intifada, and as part of it, Israel rejected applications of Israelis who sought to enter Gaza for whatever reason, including for family visits, participation in family celebrations or even ta... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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