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Ill treatment of a minor in detention: the case of MA
6 documents | last update 22.8.2013
At 08:00 a.m. of November 20, 2012, a 16-year-old Palestinian youth from the district of Hebron arrived at Etzion Police Station after he was summoned for interrogation. The youth, who was injured in his leg and using crutches, arrived there with his father, who had just taken him out of hospital before the end of his hospitalization period, as demanded by security officials. The father was not...
Incarceration in the secret prison "Facility 1391": the case of SA
6 documents | last update 1.3.2011
In January 2003, SA was arrested at his home. After short periods in several detention facilities, SA was transferred to the secret prison, known as Facility 1391, which is located in a secret military base. On the way there, his head was kept covered, and he was not told of the destination. On arrival, he had to undress completely in front of soldiers, and led from room to room with his eyes c...
The secret prison: HCJ petition 9733/03
19 documents | last update 23.1.2011
For many years, a secret prison has been operating in the Israel. The prison is situated inside an unknown military base, hidden from public sight and insulated from legal scrutiny, without any way of knowing who are being held there, the prevailing conditions, and modes of interrogation practiced therein. The existence of the facility, known as Facility 1391, was revealed gradually during the ...
Deferred release from custody under the Unlawful Combatants Law: the case of HN, BN, AA, HA and MD
8 documents | last update 7.12.2008
During the Second Lebanon War, five men – four of the same family – sheltered from the bombings in the home of one of them. Military forces arrived at the house and captured the men, handcuffed and blindfolded the men, and dragged them for a considerable distance to a helicopter waiting to transport them to Israel. As they arrived to Israel, they were interrogated for many hours in an unidentif...
Authorities’ failure to locate a detainee: the case of W'I
2 documents | last update 29.12.2002
During and following operation "Defensive Shield", the Israeli military detained thousands of Palestinian residents. As the Israeli authorities did not uphold their duty to inform detainees' families as to the fate of their loved ones, many families requested HaMoked's assistance in locating them. Acting on their behalf, HaMoked contacted the military's incarceration control center, responsible... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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