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Family Unification in the OPT

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Family unification for a Jordanian citizen living in Wadi Hummus: the case of AH
8 documents | last update 25.12.2014
AH, a Jordanian citizen, is married to RH who is an Israeli resident. The couple and their four children live in the village of Sur Bahir. In 1998, the Interior Ministry accepted the family unification application for AH and gave her the status of temporary residency in Israel. A year later, the family moved to their new home in Wadi Hummus, the south east section of Sur Bahir, some 250 meters ...
Family unification in the OPT: the case of KB
4 documents | last update 31.8.2011
In November 1998, NA, a resident of the West Bank, applied for family unification with KB, his newly wed wife from Jordan, to arrange for her status in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). In 1999, the couple moved to Taffuh near Hebron, were they established their home and had three daughters, all of them registered in the Palestinian population registry. For a while, KB’s stay in the W...
Arranging the status of a Ukrainian citizen married to an OPT resident: the case of TY
7 documents | last update 2.10.2008
TY, a Ukrainian citizen, met HD, a Palestinian resident of the West Bank in medical school in the Ukraine. In 1995, they got married, and in 2000, they decided to leave the Ukraine and relocate to the West Bank. Since then, they have been living in Ramallah, working as physicians and raising their two children. Early in 2000, HD filed an application for family unification with TY in order to ar...
Arranging the status of a Jordanian citizen married to an OPT resident: the case of MK
5 documents | last update 2.9.2007
AK and MK are married and live in the village of Aqaba near Jenin. Although MK's family originally comes from Aqaba, MK is a citizen of Jordan. Her elderly parents and many other family members, including her eight siblings, continue to live in Jordan. The couple has three children who are registered in the Palestinian population registry. In 1986, MK entered the West Bank with a visitor permit... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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