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Order nisi in HaMoked’s petition: The State Attorney’s Office must show cause why it would not reopen a 2018 complaint of police brutality towards a Palestinian juvenile detainee
Israel Prosecutor Reopens Case Against Officers Beating Palestinian Inmates After Haaretz Investigation
Foreign Press, Josh Breiner  |  16.8.2021
At least 10 officers were filmed beating prisoners and dozens more were present, in one of the most violent events to ever take place in an Israeli jail. Only four officers were questioned, none were arrested
When It’s in Israelis' Interest Not to Believe the Palestinians
Foreign Press, Amira Hass  |  21.6.2021
The healthy distrust Israelis display toward official statements by government and private entities that have a say in their own socioeconomic situation, vanishes in the context of the occupation
Israeli Officers Were Filmed Beating Palestinian Inmates. No One Arrested, Case Closed
Foreign Press, Josh Breiner  |  12.6.2021
At least 10 officers were filmed beating prisoners and dozens more were present, in one of the most violent events to ever take place in an Israeli jail. Only four officers were questioned, none were arrested
A Chronicle of Prison Brutality in Israel
Foreign Press, Haaretz Editorial  |  11.6.2021
Israeli civil society organizations to the Minister of Public Security and the Attorney General: stop over-policing measures aimed at suppressing protests of Palestinians in Israel
HaMoked appeals to the Israel Police against the closing of 13 complaints regarding the March 2019 violent incident, in which Ketziot Prison wardens brutally beat and maltreated dozens of bound and defenseless prisoners, severely injuring some. The incident was recorded on prison security cameras
There's No Room for Doubt: This Was the Execution of a Helpless 60-year-old Palestinian Woman
Foreign Press, Gideon Levy and Alex Levac  |  7.5.2021
The pandemic drove Fehmiye Hrub to put herself in harm's way. She approached an IDF checkpoint, knife in hand, confused and frightened. Soldiers shot her in the stomach, later saying she was hit in the legs. Then the army took her body away
The HCJ rejects HaMoked petition to reinvestigate prison warder’s violence towards juvenile detainee: “This court does not intervene in such decisions, except in exceptional and extreme cases”
HaMoked in new report: Israeli military arrests hundreds of Palestinian teenagers from their beds in the middle of the night, rather than summon them to interrogation. Based on the findings, HaMoked petitioned the HCJ
Report reignites controversy over night arrests of Palestinian minors
Foreign Press,  Yonah Jeremy Bob  |  23.11.2020
The IDF said that night arrests were carried out in place of daytime arrests to avoid village-wide struggles which could lead to far more casualties on both sides.
Under Cover of Darkness: Night Arrests of Palestinian Minors by Israeli Security Forces in the West Bank
HaMoked Report  |  1.10.2020
HaMoked to the HCJ: prison warder’s violence towards juvenile detainee must be reinvestigated; the investigation authorities’ conduct was flawed throughout, subverting the search for truth
HaMoked to the military: minors should not be pulled out of their beds at night in order to be interrogated; the default should be to summon them to interrogation at the police station
HaMoked complaint to the Ministry of Justice: the recurring phenomenon of ISA interrogations of minors who are kept in isolation and denied legal counsel must be eradicated
Following HaMoked’s intervention: Israel abandons its plan to deport to Jordan a Palestinian living since childhood in the West Bank. The man was released to his home after he was held for some three months in a prison ward for illegal aliens
HaMoked petitions the High Court of Justice on behalf of a Palestinian man imprisoned in Israel as an illegal alien for over two years: Israel’s denial of family unification in the West Bank is the reason for his incarceration
The High Court of Justice has permitted the continued use of live fire at Palestinian protestors: the Court rejects the petitions against the rules of engagement in the Gaza Strip
The Supreme Court of Israel Dismisses a Petition Against Gaza Rules of Engagement
Academic  |  3003/18  |  26.5.2018
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Human rights organizations to the HCJ: decide on the petition to revoke the rules of engagement in Gaza (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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