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Following HaMoked’s intervention: The National Insurance Institute reversed its decision to arbitrarily revoke health insurance and other social security rights from East Jerusalem residents
HaMoked together with other Israeli human rights organizations petition the court: the Ministry of Interior must promptly process family-unification status requests of Palestinians harmed by the recently expired Citizenship and Entry Into Israel Law
Israel Restores State Stipends to Seven Palestinian Activists
Foreign Press, Nir Hasson  |  24.8.2021
The seven are among some 20 political activists from East Jerusalem who were denied government allowances during May's fighting with Gaza
Israel has denied certain married couples the right to live together. Some hide. Others break up.
Foreign Press, Elizabeth Dwoskin and Shira Rubin / The Washington Post  |  16.7.2021
Hope for fractured Palestinian families as Israel law ends
Foreign Press, Al Jazeera  |  12.7.2021
With the failure of the law’s renewal, more Palestinians will begin the arduous and expensive process of applying to Israeli authorities to obtain residency rights for their West Bank spouses.
Interior Ministry said told to stop processing Palestinian reunification bids
Foreign Press, The Times of Israel staff  |  11.7.2021
Order reportedly given to halt the paperwork as officials wait to see if minister Shaked will again try to pass legislation that blocks marriage as a path to citizenship
A High Court majority revoked the law denying social security benefits to parents of minors serving a prison sentence for a security offence. The revocation is suspended for one year, to allow the Knesset to amend the law
Court: Law punishing parents for childrens' rock-throwing illegal
Foreign Press, Idan Zoshine   |  9.7.2021
A lawyer for Adalah - the NGO which filed the appeal to the High Court - said it is an "invalid, discriminatory and vengeful tool that violates the basic principles of criminal law."
Palestinians start applying for citizenship under family unification laws
Foreign Press, Jeremy Sharon  |  8.7.2021
Following the government’s failure to renew the Citizenship Law this week, some 13,000 Palestinians married to Israeli citizens can start naturalization process to obtain citizenship.
Israel’s New Government Fails to Extend Contentious Citizenship Law
Foreign Press, Isabel Kershner / The New York Times  |  6.7.2021
In an early setback for Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, parts of his coalition opposed the law. The opposition refused to come to the rescue.
Coalition rift reignites debate over law keeping Palestinian families apart
Foreign Press, Aaron Boxerman / The Times of Israel  |  3.7.2021
Israel says measure stopping Palestinians from becoming citizens through marriage is key for security, but critics lament toll on family life and ask if justification still holds
Israel's Cruel Citizenship Law Is Rotten, Racist and Unredeemable
Foreign Press, Dahlia Scheindlin  |  24.6.2021
For 18 years, Israeli governments have backed a law built on faulty security arguments, explicit demographic engineering and pure human suffering. The Bennett coalition seems set to prolong ruining Palestinian and Israeli lives
HaMoked to the National Insurance Institute: Reverse your decision to revoke health insurance and other social security rights from East Jerusalem residents, without any legal basis, the provision of a notice or holding a hearing
Following HaMoked’s appeal: The Appeals Tribunal reverses the Ministry of Interior’s refusal to extend the residency status of a foreign mother to Jerusalemite children who divorced her abusive spouse
A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution
Report  |  27.4.2021
Palestinian Residents Petition to Reopen Road to Their East Jerusalem Neighborhood After 20 Years
Foreign Press, Nir Hasson  |  14.4.2021
The main road in and out of Isawiyah has been shut since the second intifada, and residents say that keeping it closed is a daily hardship. A High Court petition argues Israeli police still refuse to open it without justification
HaMoked to the High Court of Justice: The Israel Police must remove the barrier blocking the road linking the East Jerusalem neighborhood of 'Issawiya to the rest of the city
HaMoked appeals to the Supreme Court: The Ministry of Interior must revise its procedures to ensure children of East Jerusalemites undergoing a status restoration procedure are not left without status
Ministry of Interior data: 18 East Jerusalem Palestinians were stripped of their permanent residency status in 2020 as part of Israel’s “quiet deportation” policy; 10 of them women
The Supreme Court declined to review the legal definition of “Resident of the Area”: to evade a principled hearing, the State undertook to “favorably consider” upgrading the status of a young Jerusalemite represented by HaMoked (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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