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Creeping Dispossession: Israeli Restrictions on Palestinian Farming Beyond the Separation Barrier
HaMoked Report  |  25.10.2021
Creeping Dispossession: Israeli Restrictions on Palestinian Farming Beyond the Separation Barrier - Executive Summary
Synopsis  |  25.10.2021
Defulat Text
“Creeping Dispossession”: HaMoked’s new report on the steady escalation in restrictions Israel imposes on Palestinian farming beyond the Separation Barrier
Israel gives WB residency status to 4,000 undocumented Palestinians
Foreign Press,  Tovah Lazaroff  |  19.10.2021
Defense Minister Benny Gantz had promised to legalize the status of the 4,000 Palestinians when he met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.
Israel gives legal status to 4K in gesture to Palestinians
Foreign Press, Joseph Krauss  |  19.10.2021
Infographic: Palestine’s olive industry
Foreign Press, Mohammed Haddad and Zena Al Tahhan  |  14.10.2021
High Court of Justice rejected HaMoked’s petition: the military can demand that inheritors of plots trapped in the Seam Zone formally register as owners as a condition for getting a permit to cultivate their lands. The petition prompted the state to reduce the land registration fee from 1% of the land’s value to a fixed fee of 160 NIS
HCJ 3066/20 - Ziad et al. vs The Military Commander of the West Bank Area Judgment
Judgment / Supreme Court  |  3066/20  |  12.7.2021
In response to HaMoked petition to the High Court of Justice (HCJ): the state agrees in principle that older Palestinians do not need a special permit to enter the “Seam Zone” – however the implementation is impractical
Israel Has Blocked Gazans From Entering for Cancer Treatment Since Flare-up Began
Foreign Press, Hagar Shezaf  |  31.5.2021
Israel preventing entry of patients requiring chemotherapy that is unavailable in Gaza, in a move human rights group call decision 'extremely unreasonable'
Human rights organizations to Israeli authorities: Gaza patients must be allowed into Israel and the West Bank to receive vital medical treatment unavailable in Gaza
Human rights organizations in an urgent call: Israel must cancel the decision on the complete closure of the crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip; at the very least, it must allow travel for humanitarian needs, entry of essential commodities and sea fishing
HCJ 475/21 - Kabha et al. v. Military Commander for the West Bank Area Respondent's Preliminary Response
Response to Petition  |  475/21  |  12.5.2021
A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution
Report  |  27.4.2021
Palestinian Residents Petition to Reopen Road to Their East Jerusalem Neighborhood After 20 Years
Foreign Press, Nir Hasson  |  14.4.2021
The main road in and out of Isawiyah has been shut since the second intifada, and residents say that keeping it closed is a daily hardship. A High Court petition argues Israeli police still refuse to open it without justification
HaMoked to the High Court of Justice: Israel must open the “Magen Dan” gate year-round as promised or dismantle the separation barrier in the area of a-Zawiya, where the gate is located
HCJ 6896/18 - Ta’meh et al. v. Military Commander in the West Bank et al. Aaffidavit of Response on behalf of the Respondents
Response by Affidavit  |  6896/18  |  25.3.2021
HaMoked to the High Court of Justice: The Israel Police must remove the barrier blocking the road linking the East Jerusalem neighborhood of 'Issawiya to the rest of the city
Only following HaMoked’s petition: the military issued permits of “permanent residence in the Seam Zone” to two brothers who live in the Barta’a area, entirely fenced off by the Separation Barrier
HaMoked to the military: residents and citizens of Israel have a right to family life with their Gazan parents even after they become adults; they must be allowed regular visits to Gaza (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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