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HaMoked appeals to the Israel Police against the closing of 13 complaints regarding the March 2019 violent incident, in which Ketziot Prison wardens brutally beat and maltreated dozens of bound and defenseless prisoners, severely injuring some. The incident was recorded on prison security cameras
There's No Room for Doubt: This Was the Execution of a Helpless 60-year-old Palestinian Woman
Foreign Press, Gideon Levy and Alex Levac  |  7.5.2021
The pandemic drove Fehmiye Hrub to put herself in harm's way. She approached an IDF checkpoint, knife in hand, confused and frightened. Soldiers shot her in the stomach, later saying she was hit in the legs. Then the army took her body away
Following HaMoked’s urgent petition, a Palestinian boy who was detained by the military on his way to school was located, some 40 hours after the arrest
According to official data: in 2018-2019, 380 Palestinian minors were arrested by Israel in pre-planned night arrests; 120 of them were under age 16
Only following HaMoked’s urgent petition was a 15-year-old boy’s detention place revealed: the military did not even tell the family their son had been taken to a hospital
Hamada Was Dragged From One Israeli Prison to Another and Freed Four Days Later Without Questioning
Foreign Press, Amira Hass  |  7.9.2020
Israeli soldiers raided the home of Hamada Tamimi, confiscated phones and a camera, beat up his family and took him away. The army said his arrest was due to operational considerations
HaMoked and Al-Mezan petition the High Court of Justice: a reduction of the prisoner population is needed, and must include “security” prisoners, whose overcrowded conditions make social distancing impossible
A Palestinian man was held incommunicado for over two days, allegedly for coronavirus testing; Only following HaMoked’s habeas corpus petition were his current whereabouts revealed
Detention of 11-year-old boy, held without his parents’ knowledge in inadequate conditions for over 24 hours: HaMoked calls on the military to swiftly act to prevent recurrence of such an event
Following HaMoked’s complaint, the military admitted it wrongly announced that a Palestinian detainee had been released to his home; “this is a severe occurrence and the instructions will be clarified”
The military arrested a 15-year-old Palestinian boy, and then failed to locate him: his parents were not provided with any information regarding his whereabouts for four days
Following HaMoked’s habeas corpus petition: Israel clarified the instructions for tracing detainees and is formulating a comprehensive procedure on the issue
Young Palestinian man detained for 96 hours before the authorities informed his family of his whereabouts: following HaMoked habeas corpus petition on his behalf, the authorities are to submit to the court a document about lessons learned from the incident
HaMoked's activity in 2017: overview and statistics
A Palestinian detainee went missing: despite the urgency, Justice Hendel gives the state ten whole days to respond to the habeas corpus petition
HaMoked protests the attempt to discredit its efforts to trace Palestinian inmates: this is another attempt by the system to prevent exposure of its failures and hamper human rights organizations from doing their job
What is going on in Israel’s secret prison? HaMoked asks; the military answers: “We refer you to our response to your previous application on this issue from 2011, enclosed again for your review”, although the 2011 response does not contain the requested information either
The bureaucratization of the occupation: The military fails to locate an injured minor arrested by security forces and the state presents a new “official inquiry” form for locating detainees as the latest advancement
Injured minor's whereabouts unknown following arrest by soldiers: once he was traced by HaMoked in a Jerusalem hospital, the mother was quickly taken there by the military; to her surprise, she was made to sign forms but was not allowed to see her son
Following HaMoked’s freedom-of-information request: the IPS provides information on the facilities used for holding Palestinian juvenile inmates inside Israel (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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