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Judgment in HaMoked’s petition for information concerning three Palestinians’ bodies Israel has failed to locate: the court orders the state to disclose to HaMoked the burial locations that appeared in the original burial records
HaMoked's activity in 2017: overview and statistics
The High Court of Justice rules Israel is not authorized to hold Palestinian corpses: however, the state is granted six months to formulate a legal arrangement regulating this practice
Following HaMoked petition: the military disclosed previous procedures on the burial of Palestinians’ bodies it is holding
HaMoked to the HCJ: instruct the military to disclose the procedures on the treatment and burial of Palestinians’ bodies, formulated during 1971-1998 and mentioned by the official inquiry commission of 1999
Following HaMoked’s freedom-of-information petition: the state reveals some of the procedures relating to the handling and burial of Palestinian bodies, but refuses for now to allow access to the documents collected by the Arditi inquiry commission of 1999
Morbidly running in circles: the state refuses to provide Palestinian families with information on how it handled their dead sons’ bodies; following a petition to the HCJ, the state announced it would provide the information but then recanted
The state announces it will place the responsibility for burial and handling of Palestinian fatalities’ bodies in the hands of a single government body, as yet undecided; the HCJ: “we are now entering the stage where the court supervises the process”
The military failed to trace the bodies of three deceased Palestinians Israel has been withholding for the past 13 years: HaMoked petitions the court over the state’s refusal to provide information to the families
According to Palestinian sources: by the end of 2015, Israel will return 119 bodies of Palestinians in its possession
Israel to return the remains of 119 Palestinians, Maan News Agency 17.9.2015
Press  |  17.9.2015
Courtesy of Maan News Agency
Following HaMoked’s petitions for returning the bodies of dead Palestinians to their families: the state claims – and not for the first time – that it cannot locate the bodies
In an HCJ hearing concerning the remains of Palestinian fatalities that the military had guaranteed to return to their families but had failed to trace: the state undertakes to form a genetic database to facilitate future identification of dead bodies it holds
Almost a year after the war in the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014: the military delivered its response to HaMoked's request for further details concerning the remains of Palestinian fatalities from Gaza that are held by Israel
Re: Your Freedom of Information query to the IDF Spokesperson with respect to enemy remains during Operation Protective Edge
Principal Correspondence  |  23.6.2015
Follow-up to HaMoked's Report on Human Rights Violations Perpetrated by Israel in the Summer of 2014
HaMoked Report  |  25.5.2015
HaMoked in a petition to the HCJ: instruct the military to return the body of a Palestinian man Israel has been holding for the past 13 years
HCJ 3348/15 - Badir et al. v. Military Commander of the West Bank et al. Petition for Order Nisi
Petition to HCJ  |  3348/15  |  14.5.2015
HaMoked's petition to have the military return the body of a Palestinian to his family. The man was killed in 2002 while committing an attack and the military has been holding his body ever since. HaMoked asserts that respect for the dead, regardless of identity and actions in life, forms an integral part of the principle of human dignity. HaMoked notes that Israel has been keeping the man's bo...
Revealed following HaMoked's petition: a Palestinian man last seen bleeding close to Israeli soldiers, has apparently died and his body is held by Israel
Re: HCJ 2596/15 ____ Mas'ud v. Ministry of Defense
Principal Correspondence  |  19.4.2015 (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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