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HaMoked and Gisha to COGAT: cancel the new procedure requiring Palestinians living in Gaza to forfeit their right to relocate back to the West Bank if they wish to visit there in humanitarian circumstances
HCJ 6896/18 - Ta’meh et al. vs. Military Commander in the West Bank et al. Petitioners' Response to the Updating Notice
Response to Petition  |  6896/18  |  23.11.2020
HCJ 6896/18 - Ta’meh et al. v. Military Commander in the West Bank et al. Updating Notice on behalf of the Respondents
Statement  |  6896/18  |  25.10.2020
HaMoked to the military: Palestinians must be allowed free access to their lands beyond the Separation Barrier during the upcoming olive harvest season
Yet again: HaMoked’s intervention is required for the military to remove a concrete barricade that prevented Qaffin farmers from bringing farm animals and equipment to their lands trapped beyond the Separation Barrier
High Court justices demand the state explain the deterioration in access to farmlands trapped beyond the Separation Barrier
Military data: in 2019-2020, majority of farmers’ requests to reach their lands beyond the Separation Barrier are denied and for reasons unrelated to security
HCJ 6896/18 - Ta'meh et al. v. Military Commander in the West Bank Area et al. Respondents Response to the Amended Petition
Response to Petition  |  6896/18  |  9.6.2020
HCJ 3571/20 Khasib et al. v. Prime Minister of Israel et al. Petition for Order Nisi
Petition to HCJ  |  3571/20  |  3.6.2020
HaMoked to the HCJ: Dismantle 6 kilometers of the Separation Barrier in the West Bank; this section dispossesses farmers with no security rationale
In response to HaMoked’s petition: in a future public health emergency, the state undertakes to consider the unique circumstances of Palestinians undergoing family unification procedures who live in the Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the separation wall
I am under a lockdown, but not because of the coronavirus
Foreign Press, Laith Abu Zeyad  |  27.5.2020
Israel has banned me from leaving the West Bank and has refused to tell me why.
HaMoked to the military: permit holders must be allowed to enter and exit the Seam Zone unless under legal restrictions
HaMoked to the military: permanent Israeli residents living in A-Sheikh Sa’ed neighborhood must be allowed to reach Jerusalem; the checkpoint’s closure puts their lives and health at risk
Following HaMoked’s urgent demand: the military reopened the only crossing through which the inhabitants of Nabi Samwil village can reach the rest of the West Bank
Security Expert Opinion for Petition regarding Security Barrier Route in the Qaffin Area in the Judea and Samaria Area
Opinion  |  3571/20  |  22.3.2020
HaMoked to the military: stop banning farmers with Seam Zone entry permits from reaching their private lands beyond the Separation Barrier; protecting the health of the West Bank population must be done according to the law and using appropriate measures
HCJ 6896/18 - Ta'meh et al. v. Military Commander in the West Bank et al. Amended Petition
Petition to HCJ  |  6896/18  |  27.2.2020
HaMoked to the Israel Police: Remove the barrier blocking the road to the East Jerusalem neighborhood of 'Isawiya; this is prolonged collective punishment, serving no reasonable purpose
Following an urgent petition: HaMoked succeeds in preventing the forcible transfer to Gaza of a West Bank Palestinian man (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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