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Israel Has Blocked Gazans From Entering for Cancer Treatment Since Flare-up Began
Foreign Press, Hagar Shezaf  |  31.5.2021
Israel preventing entry of patients requiring chemotherapy that is unavailable in Gaza, in a move human rights group call decision 'extremely unreasonable'
Human rights organizations to Israeli authorities: Gaza patients must be allowed into Israel and the West Bank to receive vital medical treatment unavailable in Gaza
Human rights organizations in an urgent call: Israel must cancel the decision on the complete closure of the crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip; at the very least, it must allow travel for humanitarian needs, entry of essential commodities and sea fishing
HaMoked and other organizations demand that Israel lift the sanctions on Gaza
Re: Reversing the sweeping ban on travel to and from Gaza in cases other than medical emergencies against the backdrop of the coronavirus crisis
Principal Correspondence  |  19.7.2020
Five human rights organizations to Israeli Defense Minister, COGAT and Attorney General: Immediately lift restrictions on travel to and from Gaza imposed under the guise of the pandemic and admit travel applications for all needs even in the absence of PA coordination
Re: Israel’s obligation to ensure immediate exit and entry by Palestinians - additional letter
Principal Correspondence  |  14.7.2020
Israeli Human Rights organizations to the Minister of Defense: Israel must allow Palestinian travel via Erez Crossing, and allow Gazans to request permits directly, without PA coordination
Re: Israel’s obligation to immediately ensure Palestinians’ travel via Erez Crossing
Principal Correspondence  |  18.6.2020
Human rights organizations petition the High Court of Justice against the endless wait for Palestinians who need permits to enter Israel from the Gaza Strip
Thirteen years after a toddler was killed by an Israeli soldier’s gunfire in Gaza: the state finally allowed the father to enter Israel to testify in court about his son’s tragic death
Haaretz Editorial, "End the blockade of the Gaza Strip", 26.12.14
Press  |  26.12.2014
Editorial in Haaretz websiteOPYRIGHT© "HA'ARETZ" DAILY NEWSPAPER LTD. All rights reserved.
Further mockery: For the second time in six weeks, Israel “eases” restrictions, but keeps Gaza cut off from the world
Pathetically too little, too late: After a seven-year siege, in the wake of the attack known as Operation Protective Edge, Israel announces it is “easing” restrictions imposed on Gaza residents.
Top Israeli official holds secret talks with Palestinian PM on Gaza
Press  |  30.9.2014
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HaMoked to the COGAT: regular activity at Erez Crossing should be resumed, allowing passage of Israelis and Palestininas
HaMoked and Gisha to the Minister of Interior: allow Israeli citizens and residents who now in Gaza to enter Israel with their minor children
HaMoked to the military: allow three children from Gaza who came to Israel to receive hospital treatment to stay on until the end of fighting in Gaza
So Near and Yet So Far: Implications of Israeli-Imposed Seclusion of Gaza Strip on Palestinians’ Right to Family Life
HaMoked Report  |  20.1.2014
Report by HaMoked and B'Tselem describing the severe distress experienced by Palestinian families that are divided between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and between the Gaza Strip and Israel. The report reviews the various procedures that are meant to regulate these families' conduct, and examines their application in light of cases handled by HaMoked - both through contact with military au...
So Near and Yet So Far – Implications of Israeli-Imposed Seclusion of Gaza Strip on Palestinians’ Right to Family Life: New report by HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual and B’Tselem documents harm to Palestinian families divided between Gaza and the West Bank and between Gaza and Israel (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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