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In response to HaMoked petition to the High Court of Justice (HCJ): the state agrees in principle that older Palestinians do not need a special permit to enter the “Seam Zone” – however the implementation is impractical
Following HaMoked’s demand: the military amended the invasive terms of use of the mobile app enabling Palestinians to check the status of permit requests
Following HaMoked's intervention: the military acknowledges that family unification stay permits cannot be cancelled due to financial debt
After a legal battle lasting more than two years: Army announces all Palestinians who have Israeli stay permits and live outside the separation wall will be allowed to enter Israel via the Shu’fat checkpoint
HCJ 2129/14 - Zahdeh et al. v. Military Commander of the West Bank Joint Motion for Dismissal without Prejudice
Application  |  2129/14  |  10.12.2014
Re: Harm to the Palestinian population and collective punishment in Operation Brother's Keeper
Principal Correspondence  |  22.6.2014
Israeli human rights organizations in an urgent letter to the Ministers of Defense and Public Security: refrain from collective punishment of Palestinians following the abduction of three Israelis
Re: Severe movement restrictions on Palestinian residents of Hebron and the West Bank
Principal Correspondence  |  15.6.2014
HaMoked in a petition to the HCJ: instruct the military to allow entry into Israel via Shu'fat Checkpoint to Palestinians who live east of the separation wall inside Jerusalem and have stay permits by virtue of the family unification procedure
HCJ 2129/14 - Zahdeh et al. v. Military Commander of the West Bank Area et al. Petition for Order Nisi
Petition to HCJ  |  2129/14  |  20.3.2014
HaMoked's petition to instruct the Military to allow Palestinians who hold stay permits in Israel pursuant to family unification procedures, and live in Jerusalem to the east of the separation barrier, to enter Israel through the Shu'fat checkpoint. HaMoked claims that the decision not to permit passage is unreasonable and disproportionate, causing unnecessary trouble to people holding permits ...
"Forget About Him, He’s not Here" Israel’s Control of Palestinian Residency in the West Bank and Gaza
Report  |  1.2.2012
from the website of Human Rights Watch
Criteria for restricting the entry of residents of the Palestinian authority into the territory of the state of Israel, on grounds of crime prevention
Procedure  |  17.9.2010
Translated by Machsomwatch.
AP 50482-07-10 - Abariqah et al. v. Commander of the Gaza Strip Area et al. Transcript and Decision
Judgment / District Court  |  50482-07-10   |  2.8.2010
AP 50482-07-10 - Abariqah et al. v. Commander of the Gaza Strip Area et al. Petition for Order Nisi
Administrative Petition  |  50482-07-10  |  29.7.2010
HaMoked and other human rights organizations petition the HCJ against the continued holding of Palestinian detainees and prisoners from the Occupied Territories in facilities inside Israel, and the policy of holding arrest extension proceedings in military courts which operate outside the Territories: HaMoked's data indicates that 7,119 prisoners and detainees from the Territories are currently...
The Law Applicable to Non-Occupied Gaza: A Comment on Bassiouni v. Prime Minster of Israel
Academic  |  25.2.2009
The paper discusses the relevant legal framework for evaluating the sanctions Israel imposed on the civilian population in Gaza during Operation "Cast Lead", in light of the judgment in Bassiouni, HCJ 9132/07, which dealt with Israel's obligation to provide electricity and fuel to the Gaza Strip. The author assess the HCJ's position in Bassiouni, whereby after disengagement Gaza is not an occup...
HCJ 8155/06 - The Association for Civil Rights in Israel et al. v. Commander of the IDF Forces in Judea and Samaria Petitioners' Response to the Respondents' Notice and Request for Order Nisi and Interim Order
Response to Petition  |  8155/06  |  20.2.2008
Response by human rights organizations to a new procedure published by the military pertaining to Palestinians wishing to travel abroad. The organizations claim the military is ignoring the problems mentioned in the petition, and attempting to thwart these organizations’ criticism as well as the involvement of attorneys and courts in its decision making.
HCJ 8155/06 - The Association for Civil Rights in Israel et al. v. Commander of the IDF Forces in Judea and Samaria Updating Notice by the State Attorney's Office
Statement  |  8155/06  |  21.1.2008
A procedure submitted by the State Attorney’s Office in the framework of a petition against severe restrictions of movement imposed on persons precluded from travelling by the ISA. A reading of the procedure reveals that it contravenes the principles of proper administration, which are detailed in the petition, fortifies unjustified and unreasonable infringements of human rights, and, under the...
HCJ 8155/06 - The Association for Civil Rights in Israel et al. v. Commander of the IDF Forces in Judea and Samaria Judgment
Judgment / Supreme Court  |  8155/06  |  1.8.2007
In a petition against the infringement on the freedom of movement of Palestinians who are precluded from travelling by the ISA, the Supreme Court ruled that the State must submit the procedure it is drafting, and that the petitioners will be given the option to respond to it. Regarding the rest of the issues which the petition raised, the Court ruled that they must be split into concrete petiti...
Response Procedure for the Entry of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip to Israel
Procedure  |  27.6.2007
A procedure received in the framework of HaMoked's petition, establishing a timeline for responses to applications to enter Israel for the purpose of participation in "Events with an inflexible date which is known in advance." According to the procedure, applications for permits must be transferred to the DCO 14 business days prior to the date of entry to Israel and the response will be given 5... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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