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Travel between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip

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Israel gives WB residency status to 4,000 undocumented Palestinians
Foreign Press,  Tovah Lazaroff  |  19.10.2021
Defense Minister Benny Gantz had promised to legalize the status of the 4,000 Palestinians when he met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.
Israel gives legal status to 4K in gesture to Palestinians
Foreign Press, Joseph Krauss  |  19.10.2021
Human rights organizations to Israeli authorities: Gaza patients must be allowed into Israel and the West Bank to receive vital medical treatment unavailable in Gaza
Human rights organizations in an urgent call: Israel must cancel the decision on the complete closure of the crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip; at the very least, it must allow travel for humanitarian needs, entry of essential commodities and sea fishing
HaMoked and Gisha to COGAT: cancel the new procedure requiring Palestinians living in Gaza to forfeit their right to relocate back to the West Bank if they wish to visit there in humanitarian circumstances
Re: Reversing the sweeping ban on travel to and from Gaza in cases other than medical emergencies against the backdrop of the coronavirus crisis
Principal Correspondence  |  19.7.2020
Five human rights organizations to Israeli Defense Minister, COGAT and Attorney General: Immediately lift restrictions on travel to and from Gaza imposed under the guise of the pandemic and admit travel applications for all needs even in the absence of PA coordination
Re: Israel’s obligation to ensure immediate exit and entry by Palestinians - additional letter
Principal Correspondence  |  14.7.2020
‘Gaza is a one-way ticket’: How Israel’s relocation policy is separating Palestinian communities
Foreign Press,  Henriette Chacar  |  30.6.2020
Israel is systemically routing Palestinian movement in one direction — from the West Bank to Gaza. Families and advocates say the silent transfer is splintering Palestinian society.
Israeli Human Rights organizations to the Minister of Defense: Israel must allow Palestinian travel via Erez Crossing, and allow Gazans to request permits directly, without PA coordination
Re: Israel’s obligation to immediately ensure Palestinians’ travel via Erez Crossing
Principal Correspondence  |  18.6.2020
Following an urgent petition: HaMoked succeeds in preventing the forcible transfer to Gaza of a West Bank Palestinian man
Military data reveals: sharp rise in the number of people deported by the military from their West Bank homes to the Gaza Strip, due to their out of date addresses in the Israeli copy of the population registry
Following HaMoked’s petition to the HCJ: the military canceled a Gaza deportation order issued for a Palestinian youth living in the West Bank from infancy
At the end of his prison sentence: the state is set to deport to Gaza a Palestinian youth who has lived his entire life in the West Bank
Following a long legal battle, Israel finally amends the registered address of two youths who relocated as infants from Gaza to the West Bank, thus ending the threat of deportation they lived under
Following HaMoked’s petitions to the HCJ: the address of two youths born in Gaza and living in the West Bank since infancy would be updated in an expedited process and without the need to carry permits
Following HaMoked’s petition: two motherless children from Gaza are allowed to relocate to the West Bank to live with their father
HCJ 580/13 - Masri et al. v Military Commander of the West Bank Area et al. Respondent's Notice
Statement  |  580/13  |  17.1.2016
State's notice in HaMoked's petition to change the address in the population registry of two young Palestinians who were born in the Gaza Strip and moved to the West Bank as infants. The State announces that it will "exceptionally" exempt the two from "the requirement to receive renewable stay permits in the West Bank and the requirement to carry the permits, and these will be issued irrespecti...
The HCJ to the State: it is unreasonable to compel lifelong inhabitants of the West Bank – from birth or infancy – to live there pursuant to renewable stay permits, like foreigners in their own land (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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