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HaMoked together with other Israeli human rights organizations petition the court: the Ministry of Interior must promptly process family-unification status requests of Palestinians harmed by the recently expired Citizenship and Entry Into Israel Law
HaMoked appeals to the Supreme Court: The Ministry of Interior must revise its procedures to ensure children of East Jerusalemites undergoing a status restoration procedure are not left without status
The Supreme Court declined to review the legal definition of “Resident of the Area”: to evade a principled hearing, the State undertook to “favorably consider” upgrading the status of a young Jerusalemite represented by HaMoked
Ministry of Interior data reveals: some 12,700 Palestinians live in East Jerusalem and Israel by virtue of family unification processes; of them, some 70% are without social security rights or status in Israel
HaMoked to the Supreme Court: The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law should not be applied to people who are not registered as residents of the oPt and for years have no ties there
LAA 7065/20 - Abu Tir et al. vs. Ministry of Interior Population and Immigration Authority Application for Leave to Appeal
Application  |  7065/20  |  16.10.2020
The Appeals Tribunal again invalidates the Minister of Interior’s decision to deport an assailant’s relatives for the purpose of deterrence: The Ministry of Interior must reconsider their case
Appeal (J-m) 3285/18 - Mashur et al. vs. Ministry of Interior – Population and Immigration Authority Judgment
Judgment  |  3285/18   |  2.8.2020
Following HaMoked’s demand: the military amended the invasive terms of use of the mobile app enabling Palestinians to check the status of permit requests
Israel Tells Court Would Stop Forcing Palestinian Laborers to Give Access to Phone Data
Foreign Press, Hagar Shezaf  |  15.5.2020
Terms of use of Israel's Al Munasiq app, which was required of laborers during the coronavirus crisis, say information shared can be used 'for any purpose, including security,' but the Civil Administration now says they would change
Amid Coronavirus Crisis, Israel Tells Palestinians to Download App That Tracks Phones
Foreign Press, Nir Hasson  |  8.4.2020
Palestinians who want to ensure their permit to stay in Israel is still valid are required to install an app allowing the military to access data on their cellphone since army offices are closed due to the coronavirus
HaMoked and PHR-Israel demand: Israel must stop compelling Palestinians holding Israeli stay permits to download an intrusive mobile application in order to ascertain their permits’ renewal; other verification options must be made available during the coronavirus crisis
Ministry of Interior data: The Humanitarian Committee rarely recommends the grant of Israeli status, despite its authority to do so
Denied visit to Israel, US congresswomen tour Palestinian reality
Local Press  |  20.8.2019
After Israel’s refusal to let Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar enter Israel, Tlaib submitted a request to enter on humanitarian grounds, to visit her elderly grandmother in the West Bank. Interior Minister Aryeh Deri accepted the request, but on several conditions unacceptable to Rashid.
HaMoked appeals summary dismissal of case concerning two stateless children from East Jerusalem: the Appeals Tribunal legitimizes the flawed conduct of the Ministry of Interior
Jordan Refuses Entry to Stateless Palestinian Journalist After Israeli Deportation Attempt
Local Press, Amira Hass  |  23.7.2019
Supreme Court declined to hear final appeal of Mustafa al-Haruf, who has been in Israeli custody since January and lived most of his life in East Jerusalem
Jordan refuses entry to stateless Palestinian photographer held by Israel
Foreign Press, Miriam Berger  |  23.7.2019
Israeli authorities want to detain Mustafa Al Haruf even though his family is from occupied East Jerusalem
Top court throws out case demanding Palestinian kids be allowed to call parents from prison
Foreign Press, Edo Konrad  |  3.7.2019
The Israeli Supreme Court refuses to hear arguments in a case about whether Palestinian minors imprisoned by Israel should be allowed to speak to their families on the phone.
HaMoked in a petition to the District Court: Temporary status must be given to children of East Jerusalem residents undergoing a status restoration procedure, to ensure their access to health services and social security rights
New State Comptroller report: sharp criticism over the state’s deficient handling of the civil status of East Jerusalem Palestinians (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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