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“Creeping Dispossession”: HaMoked’s new report on the steady escalation in restrictions Israel imposes on Palestinian farming beyond the Separation Barrier
Joint Statement: Draconian measure against human rights organizations
Order nisi in HaMoked’s petition: The State Attorney’s Office must show cause why it would not reopen a 2018 complaint of police brutality towards a Palestinian juvenile detainee
Following Israeli human rights organizations’ High Court petition: The Israel Prison Service will gradually publicize some of its orders in Arabic and will later consider translation of additional orders and procedures
Following HaMoked’s intervention: The National Insurance Institute reversed its decision to arbitrarily revoke health insurance and other social security rights from East Jerusalem residents
HaMoked together with other Israeli human rights organizations petition the court: the Ministry of Interior must promptly process family-unification status requests of Palestinians harmed by the recently expired Citizenship and Entry Into Israel Law
HaMoked position paper: Israeli Control of the Palestinian population registry and its implications for Palestinians’ basic rights
Israeli human rights organizations to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: resume issuing visas to OHCHR staff; ties were severed by previous government as part of attempts to silence those promoting human rights in the oPt
High Court decision in HaMoked’s petition: the state must provide an update regarding implementation of the new classified procedure to summon Palestinian minors to interrogation as an alternative to night arrests
High Court of Justice rejected HaMoked’s petition: the military can demand that inheritors of plots trapped in the Seam Zone formally register as owners as a condition for getting a permit to cultivate their lands. The petition prompted the state to reduce the land registration fee from 1% of the land’s value to a fixed fee of 160 NIS
A High Court majority revoked the law denying social security benefits to parents of minors serving a prison sentence for a security offence. The revocation is suspended for one year, to allow the Knesset to amend the law
“In the trodden path of case law”: Supreme Court president rejected HaMoked’s request for a further hearing in its petition to cancel the punitive demolition of a family home in the West Bank
The HCJ approves the punitive demolition of a West Bank home of a Palestinian woman and her three children following an attack allegedly perpetrated by the children’s father. The man lived in the USA most of the time and had little contact with his family
HaMoked in an urgent letter to the Israel Prison Service: stop the prolonged blanket ban on family visits from the oPt to Palestinian “security prisoners”
HaMoked to the military: eighteen years after a punitive home demolition, the family must be allowed to rebuild
HaMoked to the National Insurance Institute: Reverse your decision to revoke health insurance and other social security rights from East Jerusalem residents, without any legal basis, the provision of a notice or holding a hearing
In response to HaMoked petition to the High Court of Justice (HCJ): the state agrees in principle that older Palestinians do not need a special permit to enter the “Seam Zone” – however the implementation is impractical
Israeli civil society organizations to the Minister of Public Security and the Attorney General: stop over-policing measures aimed at suppressing protests of Palestinians in Israel
Israeli military issues home demolition order to a woman and her three children (all U.S. citizens) as punishment for allegations against her husband
Human rights organizations to Israeli authorities: Gaza patients must be allowed into Israel and the West Bank to receive vital medical treatment unavailable in Gaza (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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