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Following HaMoked’s intervention: Israel abandons its plan to deport to Jordan a Palestinian living since childhood in the West Bank. The man was released to his home after he was held for some three months in a prison ward for illegal aliens
Under a revised Ministry of Interior procedure: a minor whose parent holds temporary residency status in Israel, is now eligible to receive the same status
HaMoked to the Minister of Interior: retract your intention to revoke the permanent status of two residents of East Jerusalem serving long prison sentences
Following HaMoked’s intervention: the Israeli military again allows Palestinian farmers to bring electric bicycles into the “Seam Zone” in order to reach their lands
Ministry of Interior response to HaMoked's freedom-of-information request: In 2018, Israel revoked the permanent residency status of 13 East Jerusalem Palestinians – the lowest number since HaMoked began its campaign against Israel’s “quiet deportation” policy
Updated summary on punitive home demolitions
Wholesale denial of responsibility: HaMoked protests the Ministry of Interior’s attempt to dismiss all appeals against its failure to respond to requests for family unification and child registration in East Jerusalem
Stateless Palestinian Journalist is facing deportation from Jerusalem: Request to appeal was submitted to the Israeli Supreme Court
On undisclosed security pretexts, the military attempts to worsen its policy concerning the entry into Israel of Palestinian children aged 16 and under for the purpose of visiting their imprisoned relatives. The District Court refrains from holding hearings on HaMoked’s petitions on the matter
The High Court of Justice rejected two petitions by HaMoked against punitive home demolitions and sanctions the demolition of three apartments in the West Bank: Justice Karra in the minority holds that demolishing two apartments in the one case excessively harms innocent people
Following an urgent petition: HaMoked succeeds in preventing the forcible transfer to Gaza of a West Bank Palestinian man
HaMoked to the High Court of Justice: the hundreds of Palestinian minors incarcerated inside Israel and at Ofer prison must be allowed telephone contact with their parents
HaMoked to the District Court: the three adult children of an East Jerusalemite man must be given temporary status after living in the city for over 15 years. Leaving them with just tourist visas is harmful and wrong
Violence by Nachshon Unit prison guards against Palestinian minors in custody – complaints to the National Prison Wardens Investigation Unit
For two years a Palestinian mother was prevented from visiting her son imprisoned inside Israel because the military insisted she had no "family tie": the visit was allowed only after HaMoked petitioned the court
The end of a protracted ordeal: following HaMoked’s Supreme Court appeal, the children of an East Jerusalem resident who relocated to Haifa finally receive residency status
HaMoked in a letter of protest to the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General: the last-minute appointment of new judges to the Appeals Tribunal during election period is highly improper
Israel Tax Authority issues directive that enables Palestinians living in East Jerusalem and Israel by virtue of family unification processes to compete in the Israeli labour market and benefit from tax credits
The HCJ allows the punitive demolition of a home in the West Bank: Justice Mazuz in the minority reiterates his position that the policy of punitive demolitions raises difficult legal questions and that he was opposed to harming “uninvolved family members”
Abuse of minors during ISA interrogations at the Petah Tikva interrogation facility – complaints to the ISA Complaints Inspector (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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