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Racial Discrimination – Yes, Apartheid – No: HCJ 3969/06 Al-Harub v. IDF Commander in the West Bank (Judgment of October 22, 2009); HCJ 2150/07 Abu Safiya v. Minister of Defense (Judgment of March 5, 2008)
Criticism  |  3969/06, 2150/07  |  1.2.2010  |  Adv. Yossi Wolfson
Twice the Supreme Court of Israel intervened and revoked military orders which had turned roads in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) into Israelis-only roads on which Palestinians were prohibited from travelling. Such roads have become a hallmark of Israeli apartheid, though they are not necessarily the most profound expression of it. Thus, while the judgments are welcome, it...
Expropriation of Private Palestinian Land for Building a Road for Israelis: HCJ 393/82 Jam'iat Iscan Al-Ma’almoun v. IDF Commander in Judea and Samaria Area (Judgment of December 28, 1983)
Criticism  |  393/82  |  1.1.2010  |  Adv. Yossi Wolfson
The judgment in Jam'iat Iscan Al-Ma’almoun is a pillar of the Israeli law of occupation. One would be hard pressed to find a common law rule relating to the occupation which cannot be supported by this judgment. It is essential reading material for any lawyer training in this field and an inexhaustible source for quotes. The judgment is also a microcosm of the Supreme Court’s functioning when i...
The Israeli Military in the Service of the Dead Sea Beach Operators: HCJ 5148/08 the Association for Civil Rights in Israel v. Chief of the General Staff (Judgment of December 10, 2009)
Criticism  |  5148/08  |  1.12.2009  |  Adv. Yossi Wolfson
“Cover ass” is not appropriate language, but as whitewashing is not a proper act in the legal world, why use proper language to describe it? This is all that the justices of the Supreme Court wrote in their judgment in HCJ 5148/08 the Association for Civil Rights in Israel v. Chief of the General Staff (2009):The essence of the petition – the lifting of the ban on the entry of Palestinian resid... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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