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Death of a toddler delayed at a checkpoint en route to the hospital: the case of RS
1 documents | last update 1.8.1999
On September 28, 1996, the day of western wall tunnel incident, RS from Beit Ula discovered that his 18 month old son was running a high fever. The infant was diagnosed with blood cancer a month before, and had started receiving a course of chemotherapy at the Ein Karem Hadassah University Hospital. When the infant was released from  hospital after another treatment session, the medical staff i...
Detention warrants against Gaza Palestinian detainees issued under the Incarceration of Unlawful Combatants Law: the case of R'A and H'A
6 documents | last update 11.6.2008
R'A and H'A, cousins from Gaza, were held in administrative detention by virtue of administrative detention warrants issued by the military commander of the Gaza Strip in 2002 and 2003, respectively. R'A was in administrative detention for 3.5 years. H'A was in administrative detention for 2.7 years. On September 9, 2005, immediately following the declaration regarding the end of the military a...
Holding Palestinians in incarceration facilities inside Israel: HCJ petition 2690/09
3 documents | last update 28.3.2010
For years, Israel has been holding Palestinian detainees, administrative detainees and prisoners in incarceration and detention facilities inside Israel. This practice contravenes the express provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention concerning the rights of protected persons in occupied territory. On March 25, 2009, HaMoked and other human rights organizations petitioned the High Court of Jus...
Holding conditions in temporary detention facilities: HCJ petition 9169/07
7 documents | last update 14.12.2008
In October 2007, HaMoked petitioned the High Court of Justice on behalf of 16 detainees who were being held at temporary military detention facilities for over 21 days, i.e., past the stipulated time limit for holding in temporary facilities. The two facilities, located inside military bases in the West Bank, are intended for holding security detainees shortly after their arrest until they are ...
Release from prolonged detention and revocation of deportation warrant: the case of AS
2 documents | last update 29.4.2007
In 1998, the parents of AS, residents of the Far'ata village in the Qalqiliya District, returned with him to the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) after a long stay in Jordan and Kuwait, where AS had been born. 14 years old AS came to the OPT as his mother's companion, listed in her visitor permit. He attended high school in Qalqiliya, and in 2002 began veterinary studies in Nablus. In Ma...
Ill-treatment during detention: the case of FA
1 documents | last update 13.1.2011
On the cold rainy night of January 13, 2009, soldiers arrived at the home of FA in the 'Askar refugee camp in Nablus, woke him from his sleep, handcuffed his hands behind his back, blindfolded him and took him outside the house, barefoot and in his sleeping clothes. The person heading the arrest, who identified himself as "Captain Tamir", most likely a member of the Israel Security Agency (ISA...
Grant of permanent residency to the children of a Wadi Hummus resident: the case of A'A
11 documents | last update 17.1.2012
A'A is an Israel resident who lives with his family in that part of Sur Bahir which lies 250 meters outside Jerusalem's city limits. When A'A had built his home, the fact it was outside the city limits had no meaning, as it was part of the village lands, in the south east neighborhood, known as Wadi Hummus. However, the situation changed with the construction of the separation wall. Its planne...
Denial of physical contact between a prisoner and his children: the case of RA
2 documents | last update 5.8.2010
RA is serving a life sentence in an Israeli prison. In July 2010, when his wife and children visited him in the Shita prison, the wardens prevented the children from having physical contact with their father, in breach of the stipulation of the Prisons Ordinance and the High Court of Justice decision in the matter. Under the Prisons Ordinance, at least once every two months, a prisoner must be...
Suspention of a long-term prisoner's registration in the population registry: the case of TA
4 documents | last update 11.5.2010
In 2003, ZA, a resident of As Samu' in the Hebron District, sought permission to visit her husband, TA, a life term prisoner in the Eshel prison. After several months' wait, she was notified that her application was denied due to lack of family ties with the inmate. ZA, having discovered that her husband's details had been removed from the Israeli copy of the Palestinian population registry, a...
Failure of the Ministry of Interior in processing a family unification application: the case of the R couple
11 documents | last update 16.11.2008
TR, a Jerusalem resident, and MR, originally a resident of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, are a married couple, living in Jerusalem since 1990. In 1999, the Ministry of Interior accepted TR's application for family unification with her husband. Thereby, MR entered into the graduated procedure for permanent status. Under the procedure, MR was to receive a temporary resident visa in early...
Status upgrading prevented due to administrative delay by the interior ministry: the case of AA
2 documents | last update 30.10.2002
SA is an Israeli resident who is married to AA, a West Bank Resident. The couple lives in the Shu'fat refugee camp with their children, all of whom born in Jerusalem. After each birth, SA attempted to register her children in the Israeli population registry, but was rejected on the grounds that her spouse was a resident of the West Bank. In April 1994, SA filed a family unification application ...
The granting of status to the stepchildren of a Jerusalem resident: the case of the S family
2 documents | last update 9.6.2010
AS, originally from Hebron, divorced his wife and moved with his three children to the Shu'fat refugee camp within the limits of Jerusalem. His ex-wife moved to Jordan, and maintains minimal contact with her children. AS married a Jerusalem resident in 2005 and they have been living in Jerusalem with their daughters and his children from the previous marriage. The Sharia Court awarded the stepm...
Termination of graduated procedure for acquiring permanent Israeli status: the case of JF
8 documents | last update 24.1.2011
In 1999, the Ministry of Interior accepted the family unification application of FF, an Israeli resident from Shu'fat, filed on behalf of her husband, JF, a resident of the West Bank. For a period of 27 months, JF received renewable stay permits, after which, his status was upgraded to permanent residency under the graduated procedure for permanent Israeli status. From then on, the family becam...
Family unification and child registration: the case of HJ
2 documents | last update 19.8.2009
HJ is a Jerusalem resident and a mother of eight. The woman and her youngest child, born in Jerusalem, were permanent Israeli residents, but the other seven children, who had Palestinian identity numbers, were without status in Israel. In 2002, after the family moved to Silwan inside Jerusalem, HJ filed an application for family unification with her husband and for the registration of her child...
Investigation into the death of Khan Yunis minor, killed from soldiers' gunfire: the case of MA
1 documents | last update 15.3.2005
The period of 2003-2005 is remembered as a particularly harsh period for the local inhabitants of al-Amal neighborhood in Khan Yunis. During that time, their property, health and even their lives were constantly at risk from the uncontrolled shooting from nearby military outposts. These shooting incidents resulted in many casualties among the local population, casualties who did not participate...
Inquiry into the death of a Rafah resident, killed from soldiers' gunfire: the case of the A family
6 documents | last update 11.6.2013
WA's family lives in the al-Salem neighborhood of Rafah. On the night of October 17, 2003, WA, then two months after childbirth, felt unwell. Her husband wanted to get her to the hospital, but when they reached their car, soldiers opened fire at them. Two of her husband's brothers rushed over to assist them, but they were all hit by the next volley of bullets. An ambulance arrived to the scene ...
Release from prolonged detention under a deportation warrant: the case of AM
4 documents | last update 8.3.2010
AM's parents, Palestinians from the West Bank, moved to Jordan after they got married, where all of their children were born. AM has no status in Jordan. In 1995, when he was 7, AM accompanied his mother who came back to live in the West Bank, and were joined later by the rest of the family. Apart from one brother who lives in Jordan, the entire family lives in the village of Tammun in the Tub...
Former inmate denied prison visits: the case of NZ
4 documents | last update 30.12.2009
In November 2008, NZ, a resident of Jerusalem, wanted to visit his two brothers who were incarcerated inside Israel. Both brothers were arrested in 1998 and were sentenced to prison – one for a term of 27 years and the other for 16 and half years. NZ was imprisoned for short terms in the past and he is therefore designated as a former prisoner by the Israel Prison Service (ISA). Under the IPS r...
Brutal assault of an OPT resident by settlers: the case of A'I
3 documents | last update 12.6.2007
On March 31, 2000, A'I was driving from Beit Sahur where he worked back to his home in Ash Shuyukh in the Hebron area. En route, he made a stop at his family's plot of land near the Metzad settlement, parked his car on the roadside and walked down to the plot. After a few minutes, he heard sounds of banging and when he went back to the road to see what was making the noise, he saw three Jewish ...
Civil suit over the killing of a minor by border police gunfire: the case of MM
2 documents | last update 4.1.2009
On May 27, 2003, at around noon, MM, a Palestinian minor from Tulkarm, attending the Fadliya School in the city, left home from school at the end of classes. On the way, he stopped near a restaurant off the Gamal Abdel Nasser Square. There he came across other schoolboys who started throwing stones at a military vehicle which was parking close by. Inside the vehicle were security forces' person... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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